Thursday, 25 March 2010

No, we're not all internet-cheaters, thanks

Am I the only one who's sick of reading that no-one is faithful anymore? I can't really blame everyone from taking the same line after the parade of celebrity cheats doing the rounds (and I almost did myself in my last post), but I've essentially read the same article in The Observer, The Times, Stylist...

Apparently 'monogamy is unrealistic' and no-one is faithful anymore, especially now technology has made it so easy for us to sextext/sexemail/have illicit affairs with strangers we met online last night. One woman in Stylist's article on the topic explained that if it wasn't for email nothing would have happened with her American lover who she met at a work conference, but since it was so easy to flirt this way, the next time he came to visit it was 'inevitable' that they'd end up in bed together, despite the fact that she had a husband of four years. Now, this seems to me both the poorest of excuses and frankly unbelievable.

The fact is, that the outrageous affairs and drama of celeb-land is completely unrelated to most people's lives - for almost everyone I know, the advent of the internet has not made it acceptable to shag anyone you like just because they're a mere click away. Yes, we're in contact with more people on facebook these days, but if my boyfriend ever used that as an excuse for cheating on me, I would blink at him blankly.

Before deleting him as a friend on facebook and replacing him with some guy from friendsreunited. Of course.

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